Photography by Molly Taylor and Nicholas Kristiansen



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I am Molly Taylor a Textile Design graduate from Falmouth University. I specialised in Mixed Media, creating designs with a wide variety of techniques, from digital embroidery to heat encapsulation. I am always excited to try something new or unconventional. 

An internship I did with Jenny King Embroidery gave me valuable insight into the textile industry, and confirmed my passion for creating textiles!

Throughout my time at Falmouth University I developed my personal style through experimentation of a wide range of textile techniques as well as colour and materials work, photography and drawing. My work has always had a conceptual base, through my involvement politics and current issues. Throughout university I was an elected member of Falmouth University's Labour Party society, organising events, bringing students together to encourage political activism.

Thank you for looking at my website, if you have any enquires please don't hesitate to contact me!

Molly Taylor